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Welcome to the November 2017 edition of Kauvery Health and Wellness Newsletter

Monsoon is here - let's be safe and have some fun.

The monsoon is here and yes everybody loves rain isn't it? It is a welcome change from the scorching summer heat. But this beautiful monsoon gets along with it some not very friendly accompaniments as communicable diseases like Malaria, Influenza, Cholera, Dengue, Hepatitis and Typhoid are very common during monsoons.

But we at Kauvery are here to help you enjoy this monsoon and keep these unwelcome guests at bay.

Here are some simple health tips to safeguard you this monsoon:


  • Eat easy digestible balanced and nutritious food rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.
  • Preferably avoid raw foods and street vendor foods which may use contaminated water.
  • Keep hydrated.
  • Drink water that is filtered or boiled.
  • Avoid carbonated, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks and beverages. Try Herbal/ginger tea instead.

Self hygiene:

  • Fungal infections on the feet and nails are common hence keep yourself dry. Avoid damp clothes.
  • Avoid touching your eyes. Eye infections like conjunctivitis, stye, dry eyes and corneal ulcers are common during the monsoons.
  • Wash hands as often as you can.
  • Use separate handtowels to avoid spread of communicable disease.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a napkin when you sneeze or cough.


  • Fighting mosquitoes:
  • Remove stagnant water bodies that can breed mosquitoes like flower pots and coolers.
  • Mosquito repellents and nets will help.
  • Or just take a dose of anti-malaria drugs.
  • Damp walls are home to fungus growth, hence keep it dry. Dehumidification may help.


  • Be prepared for power cut: charge your phone and batteries.
  • Keep candles and matchbox handy.
  • Stock surplus food for emergencies.
  • Invest in a big cheerful umbrella.
  • Keep your car fuelled.

That's all about being safe, which does not mean that you cannot have fun. Do not forget to enjoy the monsoon and welcome it with both your open arms and feel the dance of raindrops on your face.

Walking and jumping in the water puddles or dancing in the rain once a while is not going to hurt. Playing football in rains and sailing water boats in water puddles is only going to bring out the child in you with a strange sense of happiness.

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