My Dear K-Way Readers,

I look forward to get connected with my ardent Kway readers every month through this digital platform. I’m thankful to my institution and Almighty for this opportunity.

Whether one is capable or industrious depends on the individual. But to recognize one’s potential, or to encourage one to rise beyond one’s limitations we need a mentor who has the vision, a liberal hand, the wisdom and the determination to help us bring out the best in ourselves. A leader, a guru or a mentor is one who thinks good for everyone around.

Be it a family or a work place or a nation, to be led and inspired by a visionary leader is a great blessing. Every family has such leaders- they are our parents and grandparents. From the day of our conception, they think only about us and nothing but us.

The biological clock is ticking for everyone. Age, like time, can neither be reversed nor changed. When our parents age they become our responsibility; our hearts and minds should respond with love and affection and not let their minds sag with fear and loneliness. We are responsible to help them age with grace and confidence. A time will come when we have to assume the leadership in the family and govern the life and times of our dear elders with care and affection.

Today on October 01, the International Day of the Elderly, let’s remember that no one escapes aging. Let’s be there for them to age gracefully; let us make sure that our elders are safe, healthy and happy – physically and mentally. We shall greet them with a smile and make their worries runaway a mile. A wise person once said that we should be careful with the things we value the most. Let’s value our senior citizens.

At Kauvery, we offer exclusive care for senior citizens. Do feel free to enquire about and explore our services. Our health check-ups are most comprehensive and utmost care is taken to keep everyone comfortable and safe. Our outpatient clinics and telemedicine consultations are always readily available to serve our senior citizens.

Have a great month ahead.

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