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This newsletter has made me realise that time truly flies! We are in the month of September already. The past few months have given us the opportunity to introspect. We have learnt to live beyond difficulties and this time hardships have been universal, irrespective of caste, creed or financial status. We have realised that we are all ONE.

Though this period has given us a lot of worries, there are also a few positives that have come out of it. As a family, everyone is working together for the betterment of the home. The hard work of the lady of the house is much appreciated and the concept of helping out with household chores has also been instilled in us. Children who were initially unmanageable in the first few months of lockdown have actually become calmer and the situation has taught them to sacrifice life’s luxuries.

Malls, shopping, pubs and night life all of which were once a daily activity for many, was actually something that was only a luxury. Eating out, going to restaurants and parties have all come down; in fact, obesity must have decreased as eating out has reduced drastically. The importance of hygiene during such a time has made sure we only buy and stock items which are of utmost importance to us. The age of shopping has come down. Yes, this is going to have a huge impact on the economy and sometimes on the mental wellness front as well for many, but the positive aspect is it will definitely have a beneficial effect on the younger generation. They would have realised that life is not just about fun and enjoyment. It’s not easy to convince the young minds of this but this period will definitely have a positive role to play in the coming years.

Have a blessed month ahead.

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Global Day of Parents 2020

Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Family Physician

Independence Day Celebrations at Kauvery Hospital

The 73rd Independence Day was celebrated with much patriotism and enthusiam on the 15 August 2020 at our Kauvery Hospital premises. The National Flag was proudly hoisted by our consultant Neurophysician Dr. Sivarajan accompanied by other doctors and staff. A few moments of silence was observed to show our gratitude towards our freedom fighters who fought to death for our country. This Independence Day we also Salute the medical warriors who are still fighting to save our country from the invisible enemy COVID 19 and to give us yet another Independence Day. Let us all be United in our minds and stand proudly to be an Indian. Jai Hind!!!


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