Volume 1 - Issue 2

Dr. Venkita S. Suresh

Dr. Venkita S. Suresh

Group Medical Director, Kauvery Hospitals, India

Email: gmd@kauveryhealthcare.com 

Dear colleagues,

To start something the first time is easy

To sustain that is difficult

But, here at the KAUVERIAN, we go on, and on

So, the second issue of the NIGHTINGALE is here

Here are our star authors, and their diverse backgrounds

1. For two terrible COVID years I requested pulmonologists, radiologists and respiratory therapists to write on the COVID Lung. At last, Tamilselvi, Senior Physiotherapist, Tennur, bravely writes on Segmental Breathing and Active Cycle of Breathing Technique in the Management of Dyspnoea among Covid-19 patients.

2. Jenifer Theresal and Keerthi, Dieticians from Tennur, write on the Biological or Circadian Clock.

3. Bini Susan Isaac, our prolific Clinical Pharmacist from Salem writes on "A novel direct thrombin inhibitor from tick salivary transcriptoms: A review".

4 & 5. Esther Rani, Nursing Superintendent, Heart City, and colleagues report on "Coarctation of Aorta and Nursing Care of Patient with Aortic Dissection".

6. Indumathi, a Nurse Educator from Salem writes with an intriguing title "Wireless moonlight: An ultra-short case study".

7. Arnol Nylcy, Parimala and DNS Shanthi from Chennai write a case report on Acute Liver Failure

8. Nursing Superintendent Mahalakshmi and Nurse Educator Lucy Grace wind up the issue with We Nurses hand-hold a patient on a long walk down a dark COVID road

Best regards


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