Breast Cancer Genetic Counselling and Testing

  • Some breast cancers are linked to the presence of abnormal genes that can be inherited through families. A few of the well-known genes linked with breast cancer are the BRCA 1, BRCA 2 and PALB2 genes. Those with a strong family history of breast and ovarian cancer among the female members of the family and prostate cancer among men, are recommended to have genetic counselling and testing.
  • What do these tests tell you?
    • It detects whether you carry the abnormal genes (BRCA 1, BRCA 2 and PALB2) which higher your risk for breast cancer.
  • What do you do following the results?
    • If you are found to have those abnormal genes, reach out to your specialist who will go through the risk reducing modalities and preventive measures that you can take.
    • If you do not carry the abnormal genes, carry on with routine screening as recommended as being a female itself carries a higher risk for breast cancer.
  • Ensure to reach out to a specialist to know if you are in the high risk category before testing for any abnormal genes.