Dr. Janani, our Paediatric Medical Oncologist, not only possesses a profound passion for her profession but has also cultivated a keen interest in comprehending human behaviour and fostering interpersonal relationships. Hailing from the vibrant city of Chennai, driven by her fascination with understanding human interactions, she avidly delves into books on behavioural psychology and enlightening speeches.

Motivated by her insatiable curiosity, Dr. Janani, having explored the depths of knowledge through her extensive reading, has recently embarked on a new journey as an author, resulting in the publication of her debut book, ‘Meeting Halfway – The Path to Unlock Your Relationship Genie’. This remarkable work delves into the often-overlooked realm of relationships, emphasizing its paramount importance in our lives. Dr. Janani firmly believes that mastering the art of building and nurturing relationships is an essential skill that holds the key to personal growth and fulfilment. In her own words, the following synopsis provides a glimpse into the profound insights offered within the pages of her book.

Kway wishes many more accolades in her journey as a budding author.


I have always wondered “Why in these many years of schooling and graduation, not a single session was on how to handle relationships?” We have spent a major part of our life in education, preparing for professional life, which we fail to realize is only a small aspect of our life. We spend most of our time and energy on equipping ourselves for professional and social growth, forgetting about our personal relationships. But, the art of handling relationships was not given that importance. Whenever I spoke about this to my friends or family, their reaction was like “Aren’t you supposed to know it on your own?”

The truth is, it is impossible to know it by yourself. We have never been taught how to give or receive love. In fact, even discussing about this makes some of us uncomfortable. Handling relationships cannot come by just years of trial and error. It requires a deep understanding of “yourself” and your partner. As Philip Pullman said: “For a human being, nothing comes naturally. We must learn everything.” The same applies to interpersonal relationships.

In my humble endeavor to bridge this gap, I present my book titled “Meeting Halfway”, emphasizing the vital role of mutual contribution in sustaining lasting relationships. It is my belief that for a relationship to thrive, both the partners must wholeheartedly invest their efforts. It is like trying to find the perfect balance of salt and pepper in your dish. Although they are 2 different elements, the balance decides how perfect the dish can turn out.


Dr. Janani Arul
Consultant Paediatric Haemato Oncology
Kauvery Hospital Chennai