February 2017 K-Way Newsletter | Introduction

The staff and patients at Kauvery Hospital celebrated the New Year and Pongal with fervour. We are sure that the future holds a great deal in terms of improving our already high standards of health care so that all of us at the hospital can continue to offer our patients world class medical facilities and treatments.

As part of this process, we are happy to inform you that we have received accreditation from NABL - the National Accreditation Body for Clinical Laboratory Services.

We have also received approval to start a 3 year training course in the critical area of emergency medicine. Emergency services and intensive care are the pivots of a hospital's medical services. Studies reveal that in an ICU there are 178 clinical activities per patient per day. 84% of these are handled by critical care nurses who form the backbone of patient care. Kauvery Hospital is collaborating with the Greater Manchester Critical Care Network UK, to fine tune the already state-of-the-art care our patients receive. Last year a team of doctors and nurses from the network came to the hospital to provide advanced training in the recognition, management and care of the critically ill. A group of our nurses were provided with additional training to qualify them as trainers themselves so as to ensure that our world class standards are not only maintained but continually improved upon. The training we will be offering will be of immense benefit to our patients.

We recently conducted a Nephrology CME for junior consultants and medical PG students at Hotel Raintree in Chennai which was very well attended with over a 100 delegates participating. Critical care management in kidney patients was discussed during the meet.

Plastic surgery is far more than just cosmetic procedures. It is an integral part of trauma care, recovery and rehabilitation. We are proud to have Dr. V.B Narayana Moorthy, Dr. Arulmozhi Mangai and Dr. Sathish Manivel join our team to provide cutting edge plastic and reconstructive surgery to those in need of it.


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