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This month, as I started to pen my introduction, I realized that every single person is multitasking all the time and each one of us want to be independent and be productive members of our family and society. Like attending schools and colleges for education, having to work to earn our living has become an important component of one’s life.

In fact, the place where we work is where we spend most of our time... and it’s almost our second home!

Now, you might wonder what I am trying to imply... it is very simple, our work place has become a home to us and our colleagues are like our family members.

Though most of us belong to nuclear families at home, we live as joint families at our work place.

Our colleagues become as close as our siblings and reach out to us like our near and dear ones, when we need help.

Well our emotions are also controlled and affected by our day at work. A happy day at work keeps us stress free at home. But a stressful day at work can cause us to get annoyed and irritated with our family members, for no fault of theirs.

Don’t you agree? How do we avoid this?

Follow these small practices to make your day easier and stress free.

Whether it is your house or office, make sure it is a happy place by trying to engage yourself and by performing your duties with full dedication and satisfaction.

Try to be happy when you see the growth and progress of your colleagues and company and actively collaborate with them.

Make an attempt to create a positive air around you.

Ensure that you don’t come to work feeling fatigued, and similarly, take utmost care not to fatigue your workers or clients.

Here, at Kauvery, we are blessed to have a positive work environment, which not only helps us to serve our patients with unconditional love but also creates a positive vibe to help our patients recover speedily.

Remember that everyone can exist, but it is important that everyone tries to live their life to the fullest. You can achieve that by balancing your home and work environment.

With these words of advice, I wish you a happy month ahead!

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Project Magizhchi

Kauvery Hospital, Chennai launched PROJECT MAGIZHCHI – an initiative to encourage and support amateur artists from across the city to display their artwork in the hospital which will aid in the speedy recovery of patients as these painting would create a positive vibe and happiness in our patients Through this initiative, the walls of Kauvery Hospital is now adorned with creative art and paintings !!! Commenting on this occasion, Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital Chennai said, “Ever since the inception of Kauvery Hospital in Chennai, we are working towards establishing an ecosystem wherein the participative local community and the inclusive society plays a major role in providing an experience which is pleasant and positive. Art in all forms will play a significant role in future in our approach, to the wellness of the society, as the practice of medical science itself is an art. I would like to thank Ms. Vijayalakshmi Shivaram, the art director and Ms. Uma Maheshwari, Head of Innovation for having conceptualised and curated this art gallery to help the patients at Kauvery Hospital heal faster and better.”


The Founder and Managing Director of kauvery hospitals, Dr Manivannan Selvaraj was awarded with the Prestigious 'Regional Monodzukuri Spirit Award'

It was indeed a proud moment of celebration at Kauvery Hospitals, as ABK-AOTS Dosokai, Tamilnadu presented the 'Regional Monodzukuri Spirit Award' in the recognition for his outstanding leadership and innovative approaches in following lean practices and for delivering quality healthcare to the society.

Yoga and Memory Power Session

We at Kauvery Hospital not only focus on the patient welfare but also on the wellness of the society. Hence on 25th January, 2020 we conducted yoga and memory power session for students appearing for their 10th and 12th board exams to ease out their exam tensions. This event was conducted primarily to equip students with relaxation techniques which would alleviate their stress and build their memory power. Kauvery Hospital wishes all the students appearing for their board examinations, the very best of luck and success!

Republic Day Celebrations

Kauvery Hospital Chennai celebrated the 71st Rebulic Day at its premises. Hon. Secretary Indian Medical Association, Dr Sivaramakannan hoisted the national flag with our kauvery members with much patriotism and enthusiasm. Jai Hind!!!


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