Our Dear Kway Readers,

Welcome to the month of May!

Wasn’t this the most awaited month of the year when we were young?

Yes, I am sure most of us have our happiest memories of summer vacation.

May, though a very hot and sweaty month, had the highest level of energy in us, we were enthusiastic to go out and play under the scorching heat, come back tired and sleep after a late chatting with family and friends, getting up late and having untimely meals with our parents calling out our names to finish daily chores. All these were such memories of summer vacations.

In fact, just being home watching TV was considered a big boon during summer vacation.

This month had a given relaxation for everyone as a vacation month, to do a few twists and turns in our lifestyle, which were meant to be done! And we did not worry about getting scolded.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has changed the whole scenario. Staying at home for two years has made the lifestyle of many miserable. What was happening during vacation became a routine pattern, leaving behind a huge impact, especially on school children and people working from home.

They seem to have lost their routines and excitement for the vacation month.

Children are constantly under peer pressure which has prevented them from enjoying their vacations with satisfaction. Earlier, there was a contentment and satisfaction even after a short vacation in visiting grandparents’ house but now, we see that either children do not want to socialize and are stuck to gadgets or the expectation from a vacation is huge.

Most disheartening is that the child isn't happy, even when given many choices.

Today, being content or getting pleased, and satisfied with the given opportunity is lacking to such an extent that it causes depression. We really need to teach and learn how to be happy and grateful.

This month is also the month recorded for peak summer temperatures. Keep yourselves cool and well-hydrated. This month, along with vacation, let's also spread awareness about vaccination for elders, and read some articles on how to keep the summer at bay.

Read and enjoy. Have a great month ahead.

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Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam

Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Senior Family Physician

Highlights @ Kauvery

Dr Aravindan Selvaraj Conferred with the Prestigious M Vishvesvaraya Award

We are extremely proud and very happy to inform that Dr Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital was conferred with the prestigious M Vishvesvaraya Award for Excellence in HealthCare instituted by AIMO. The Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu presented the award to Dr Aravindan Selvaraj at a ceremony held in Anna University, Chennai. The award acknowledges Kauvery Hospitals' contribution to public healthcare and the scientific advancement of medical care as well as creation of jobs for the underprivileged.

On receiving this award Dr Aravindan Selvaraj extended his appreciation and sincerely thanked the Doctors, Nurses, Staff, Management and leadership team of Kauvery for their efforts and contributions.

Dr Aravindan Selvaraj Conferred with the Prestigious M Vishvesvaraya Award

Vaccination for Adults

Prevention is better than cure.

Vaccination Camp

Vaccination has been the most successful intervention till date in saving lives. But vaccination is perceived to be a prerogative of children. Adults do not consider vaccination as a health intervention. COVID infection seems to have made a dent in the collective adult thought process.

Let us consider a common cause of admission- Lung infection or Pneumonia. India harbours 50% of world’s pneumonia cases. India has the maximum infant mortality from pneumonia. We are now talking about Influenza vaccination and pneumococcal vaccination in babies. But what about adults? Pneumonia mortality again increases above 50 years. A whopping 36.84% die of pneumonia above 85 years. Older people with pneumonia don’t just die of pneumonia and respiratory failure, they also die from heart attacks and strokes. We now have data showing that vaccination for pneumococcus and influenza decreases the incidence and death from heart attack and stroke also. The seasonal flu epidemic is correlated with heart attack numbers. So, vaccination before the flu season every year will have an indirect effect bringing down heart attack related admissions.

Another myth we all harbour is that vaccination is only for infections. There is a very effective vaccine for preventing cervical cancer. India has the maximum number of cervical cancer patients, and we account for one-third of world cervical cancer death. Our uptake of cervical cancer vaccine is very low. Scandinavian countries have literally eliminated cervical cancer with school vaccination program. Cervical cancer vaccine must be given to adolescents, both boys and girls to eliminate this public health problem. Vaccination is approved between 9 and 26 years for both sexes.

Viral Hepatitis still causes a significant proportion of chronic liver disease landing in transplantation. A very effective vaccine is available for Hepatitis B. It is also cost-effective and a good uptake of this vaccine across the world can essentially eliminate this problem.

Typhoid fever is one of the commonest cause of admissions with fever in young adults. The typhoid conjugate vaccine launched recently gives good protection against typhoid fever. Similarly boosters of Measles/ Mumps/ Rubella, Diphtheria/ Tetanus all go a long way in controlling these infections.

WHO is celebrating the last week of April, 23 to 30 as “World Immunization week”, escalating the importance of vaccination across the world. We at Kauvery Hospitals facilitate this occasion with an Adult Vaccination camp enabling access to all available vaccines.

Let us protect ourselves.

Dr. Vijayalakshmi Balakrishnan
Senior Consultant, Infectious Diseases
Kauvery Hospital, Chennai

55-year-old Sri Lankan successfully undergoes Liver Transplant at Kauvery Hospital Chennai

Kauvery Hospital Chennai, a unit of Kauvery Group of Hospitals, a leading multispecialty chain of hospitals in Tamil Nadu, successfully performed a liver transplant on a 55 year old man from Sri Lanka. Mr. Abdul Wahid from Kandy, Sri Lanka was diagnosed with liver failure and was advised for a liver transplant. A lot of his relatives came forward as donor, and based on tests and multiple evaluations, his younger sister Rifka aged 42, was found to be a suitable donor.

"In a living donor liver transplant, the donor is usually the partner or parent. In this scenario, the individual's younger sister was the donor. After the transplant, the biopsy report of the damaged liver showed a significant presence of cancer. So this was a surgery which resolved both liver damage and liver cancer," said Dr Elankumaran K Head of Liver Diseases and Transplant Centre.

In order to aid the family, the surgery was partially funded by Kauvery Hospital. "Considering the current economic crisis in Sri Lanka, this surgery was an additional burden to the family. Through the funding, we supported Mr Abdul in the expenses incurred for the surgery," added Dr Elankumaran.

The donor Ms Rifka was discharged after 5 days, and Mr Abdul after 8 days. Both the donor and recipient have recovered without any complications.

Bini Susan Isaac

We congratulate Ms Bini Susan Isaac, Clinical Pharmacist, Kauvery Hospital Salem, for successfully completing the ICMR Online Course on Basics of Clinical Research.


We congratulate Dr Murugappan for successfully completing the ICMR Online Course in Health Research Fundamentals.


We congratulate Dr. Vasanth, DNB (General Surgery) PG for successfully completing the ICMR Online Course in Health Research Fundamentals.

Sheelu Trivedi

We congratulate Dr. Sheelu Srinivas, Sr. Consultant, Oto Rhino Laryngology, Kauvery Hospital, Bengaluru for successfully completing a Diploma in Pediatrics from Royal College of Physicians of Ireland..

Breast Care Education Program

Breast Care Education Program for the General Surgeons was completed successfully.

Breast Care Education Program


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