Breast Reduction & Breast Lift

When breasts grow to a disproportionate size, the feeling of self consciousness and hesitancy to wear fashionable clothes sets in. Breast reduction surgery is oriented towards women with large, pendulous breasts, especially gigantomastia to relieve the discomfort caused by large breasts. There are a number of issues reported as reasons to opt for breast reduction. The weight of their breasts may cause chronic pain of the head, neck, back and shoulders. Excessive sweating, rashes, skin infections under the breasts, circulation and breathing problems are some other concerns. The size of the breast can be reduced to match your figure as near as possible to each other. Drooping or Sagging breasts are a common legacy of motherhood. It is possible to reshape the breast into one which looks more youthful and feels more firm by an operation called Mastopexy (Breast Lift). This can be combined with either an increase or decrease of the size of the breasts as per the individual’s expectations.