Who Will Benefit from Sleep Clinic Treatment

Lack of sleep or improper sleep can have a devastating effect on life. Besides the physical problems of lack of energy while awake, and mental problems like the inability to focus on tasks and forgetfulness, lack of sleep and so on can have a serious effect on professional and social interactions, personal relationships and the overall quality of life.

Get treatment from the Sleep Clinic if you are suffering from

  • Snoring: Snoring is an indication of a respiratory problem while asleep and if not treated it could lead to other health concerns. Additionally, snoring disturbs others sleeping nearby and this can cause relationship problems which can be avoided if the snoring is treated.
  • Excessive sleepiness: This is a feeling of being tired or drowsy during the day and is different from fatigue which is the result of low energy levels. Excessive sleepiness is a sleep disorder that can interfere with work, relationships and all levels of day-to-day functioning.
  • Poor sleep quality: This includes a variety of sleep disorders that may produce varying symptoms but which usually result in waking up tired and suffering from a lack of physical and mental energy during the day. Once the cause has been established the patient is given advice on sleep hygiene to treat the causes of the problem.
  • Insomnia: This includes the inability to fall asleep, waking up in the middle of the night or after just a few hours of sleep and being unable to go back to sleep. Insomnia can have various causes and at the clinic, the causes of the condition will be identified so that targeted treatment to cure the patient can be applied.
  • Difficult-to control-Hypertension: OSAHS is one of the most common causes of difficult to control hypertension
  • Cardiac conditions: The stress placed on the body by improper sleep will exacerbate cardiac problems and this, while being serious in itself, may also lead to other major health issues. It is common for unrecognized sleep apnea to be the underlying cause of heart attacks and strokes in young to middle-aged people
  • Difficulty in falling asleep after shift work: Those who work night shifts, have changing shift cycles, or have work timings that keep changing often face sleeping problems. The human mind and body are naturally aligned to the diurnal cycle – sleeping at night and being active during the day. When that cycle is disrupted, sleep patterns become unsettled and falling asleep or not having restful sleep becomes a major problem.
  • Jet lag: With international travel becoming increasingly common, the negative impact on the body also rises. The change of time zones from the point of departure to that of arrival in a short period of time upsets the natural rhythm of the metabolism and this results in difficulty sleeping, falling asleep at unusual times, and all the other problems related to lack of sleep. If the jet lag does not resolve itself within 2 days or if you are a frequent international traveler, it is important to visit the sleep clinic for a check-up.

These are a few of the most common sleep disorders. If you have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder of any type, or suspect that you may be suffering from this condition, early diagnosis and treatment are important. Sleep problems should never be taken lightly. Everyone has an occasional restless night, but if the condition persists or becomes chronic, it is a serious health concern and prompt examination, diagnosis and treatment at the Kauvery Lung Center’s Integrated Sleep Clinics is the best way to overcome the physical, mental and emotional strain that these problems cause and return to a better quality of life.