Impella is the world’s smallest heart pump and is used to deliver blood and oxygen from the heart into the aorta – the main blood vessel carrying blood into our body. This provides our body with vital oxygen rich blood while allowing the heart to rest and recover from trauma caused by cardiogenic shock.

Impella Heart Recovery Program

What is Cardiogenic Shock?

Cardiogenic shock occurs during a heart-attack or during acute myocarditis – a condition where the heart suddenly stops pumping enough oxygen-rich blood to the body. This leads to an emergency situation which unfortunately is only discovered as it happens and requires immediate treatment in the hospital.

What happens if Cardiogenic shock is not treated immediately?

If immediate and experienced technical care is not offered, Cardiogenic shock can be life-threatening. The mortality rates are exceedingly high (up to 70-90%). With the right medical attention and life-saving technology, survival can be improved to over 60%.

How does Impella help in Cardiogenic shock?

The Impella heart pump is placed in the left ventricle, the main pumping chamber of the heart. Immediate placement of Impella device will deliver blood and oxygen to rest of the body, while allowing procedures such as angioplasty/stenting to be performed safely.

In the event of heart failure due to other causes, Impella can be used to deliver oxygenated blood to rest of the body and prevent damage to other organs while giving rest to heart and facilitating recovery or a bridge to a more permanent left ventricular assisted device or heart transplantation.

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    What is the need for a dedicated ‘Impella Heart Recovery Program?

    Presently, patients with Cardiogenic shock, are given multiple inotrope medications to maintain blood pressure (which in turn may affect the heart adversely), while waiting Impella controller to be arranged (which may take 24 to 48 hours).

    Through the Impella Heart Recovery Program, the Impella controller/pump is readily available at Kauvery Hospital Cath Lab and the staff are trained as well, ensuring that is no delay in implantation and life-saving therapy is immediately given.

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