Dr. Venkita S. Suresh

Group Medical Director, Kauvery Hospitals, India

Email: gmd@kauveryhealthcare.com

dr venkita suresh

Dear Colleagues,

In this unique Kauvery Family issue, many of our talented Nightingales sing together!

Nurses, ECHO, Cath Lab and OT Technicians, Physiotherapists and Nursing Secretaries, sing songs on every aspect of Clinical Medicine.

Anandhi Sathiyakumar, Deepa and Stella Towncent, Nursing Director, Nursing Superintendent and  Clinical Nurse Educator respectively, from  Kauvery Hospital, Alwarpet,  lead the issue with a remarkable study – PARTicipate to Anticipate (PART – Prevention of Accidental Removal of Tubes & drains) Prevention of accidental removal of tube and drains).

The Clinical Governance team held three ‘ hands on  workshops’ at Chennai, Trichy and Bengaluru to share our experience and insights on how we electronically generate valuable an unique data from our Hospital Information System – fifty plus reports that tell us how effectively and safely we manage in-patients at our twelve hospitals.

Kiruba, Assistant manager, CG and Assistant Editor of this journal, describes the overall objectives of the workshop as Understanding Clinical MIS Parameters and their Significance, Learning Data Capture Methodology from HMS, Knowledge Transfer of New IT Initiatives and Best Practices and Identifying Future IT Requirements.

D. Vanitha, Nursing Superintendent, Tirunelveli, reports on Neurosurgery with”Burr Hole—evacuation of right frontoparietal chronic Sub Dural Hematoma and left parietal SDH”.

Shanthi, Nursing Incharge, Tirunelveli has chosen Interventional Cardiology and writes on Balloon Mitral Valvotomy at Nellai.

Nellai then chooses Pulmonology and scores a HAT TRICK with Intra Pulmonary Thrombolysis, from Prabakaran, Senior staff nurse, Cath lab department, and the Cath Lab Team.

Karthika and Mahalakshmi, Staff Nurse and Nursing Superintendent respectively, from Tennur choose Nephrology, and   report on Nephrotic Syndrome, a major, complex and damaging disease.

Soundarya, MICU – Staff Nurse from Vadapalani, reports on Interventional Cardiology- Trans catheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI).

We are delighted that our talented Echo technicians are now publishing with confidence and conviction.

Two of them, both from the Heart City, report on congenital heart disease:

Vishalini, Cardiac Technician, is back, with the infamous Tetralogy of Fallot!

Hema, Echo Technician, runs neck to neck with Vishalini, with her report on Patent Ductus Arteriosus.

Megala and Loganayaki, Nursing Secretary and Asst Nursing Superintendent respectively at Hosur, write elegantly on the Nurses Day 2024-” Celebration of the Guardian Angel of Healthcare”!

Menaka, OT Technician, also from Hosur, writes joyously on her unforgettable experience as a Flying Angel!

We close with two poets; one makes her debut appearance s in this issue and the other is a seasoned veteran.

J. Justal Hency, Staff Nurse sings from Vadapalani and GK. Balasubramani, senior Physiotherapist from Salem!

The NIGHTINGALE represents the KAUVERY Family.

Together we stand proudly and present this issue to you.

Do kindly sing with the Nightingales !