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The ANEI Young Leader Award, 2022, comes to Kauvery Hospitals!

The ANEI Young Leader Award, 2022, comes to Kauvery Hospitals!

Gethsial Kiruba*

Senior Executive, Quality and Training, Kauvery Hospitals, India.

*Correspondence: Tel: +91 9791417858; email: gethsialkiruba@gmail.com


Annually, the Association of Nurse Executives in India (ANEI) recognize, and award, nurse leaders who have the potential to become impactful health care leaders and demonstrate exemplary leadership attributes within their organization, community and the nursing profession and embody innovation, influence and inclusion.

ANEI announced three categories of annual awards for the year 2022

(a). Young Leader of the year

(b). Trend Setter of the year

(c). Lifetime Achievement Award

Eligibility criteria for the ANEI Young Leader Award (ANEI - YLA)

The recipient of this award should be, RN less than 35 years (age), and must be nominated by their leaders. The nominee should have done something collaborating with other departments at the hospital or across the group of hospital, thereby contributing to nursing service in the organization/institution.

Kauvery hospitals nominated Ms. Gethsial Kiruba, Senior Executive - Quality & Training, towards this award.

Award requirements

(a). Award application form duly filled

(b). Leadership traits & activities of the nominee

(c). Job title letter given by head of nursing or HR

(d). Testimony at least one other than the nursing head

(e). Photos of the nominee

Award Declaration

The nominees were selected by a set of Jury members from the ANEI with reference to the documents been submitted. The declaration of the award winners was announced during the second ANEicon 2022 held on May 27th & 28th virtually on the theme Transformational Leadership - Invest in Nursing.

Citation by ANEI, on bestowing the Award

"ANEI proudly presents the Young leader of the year 2022 to Ms. Gethsial Kiruba, in recognition of her achievements in quality, training and administration.

She joined as a novice nurse in the Kauvery hospital in the Clinical Governance Office and climbed up the career ladder to the position of Senior Executive - Quality & Training in a very short span of five years. She works as a liaison between medical, clinical operations and quality across hospitals in the group, richly contributing to the nursing services.

Her contribution to research, audits, leadership programs, conference, clinical MIS, NABH and 5S assessments is indeed commendable.

Hearty congratulations."

Acceptance address by Ms. Gethsial Kiruba

"I am deeply honored to have been selected as the laureate to accept the ANEI Young Leader Award. I would like to thank the entire organizing committee of ANEI and the Jury members for giving me an opportunity to exhibit my leadership qualities in such a big forum. I started my career as a fresh MSc Nurse in Kauvery group of Hospitals, the qualities that brought me here today are my commitment, intention for learning and my passion towards nursing. I would proudly say that I take care of Clinical MIS in our organization, Clinical MIS is a central forum where Medical Administrators, Consultants, Nursing leaders, Quality Heads, Clinical Pharmacist, MRD Head, Dieticians and physiotherapists participate that happens once in a month, where we discuss about more than 100 parameters under 40 headings. Collecting the data, analyzing it and preparing meaningful interpretations for Clinical MIS, and supporting the unit people for improvement of the same and tracking the action plan for completion are solely done by me. I closely work with all group heads at the corporate level. I am involved in all clinically related group level activities. I organize and conduct review meetings for the Quality Heads, Nurse Educators and even the Biomedical engineering team. I wish to proudly add that I am a special correspondent on the production team of our E-Journal KAUVERIAN.

Within a short span of time I was groomed as a leader in the organization and I contribute in every possible way to augment the quality and credibility of the nursing services in the group. Nursing leaders have the opportunity to become ambassadors and advocates for our profession.

I express my deepest gratitude to my organization and to my reporting authorities- our Managing Director Dr. Manivannan and Group Medical Director Dr Suresh Venkita- who enabled me to succeed by empowering me with their great support and encouragement.

I would like to make a special mention of our former Chief Clinical Governance Officer Dr Jothi Clara, who has been my mentor when I started my career. Everyone needs such a mentor in life. Thank you, Ma'am.

Beyond all this, I thank God Almighty for his blessings. Thank you"

The ANEI Young Leader Award, 2022, comes to Kauvery Hospitals!
N. Gethsial Kiruba

N. Gethsial Kiruba

Senior Executive - Quality and Training


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