Dr. Venkita S. Suresh

Group Medical Director, Kauvery Hospitals, India

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dr venkita suresh

Dear colleagues,

The KAUVERIAN, Aug 01, comes to you power-packed.

1. Dr. Suresh Chelliah, from Trichy, reminds us, through a guest editorial, what vaccines adults should take. This is topical; soon we may be taking Smallpox vaccine, while waiting for a specific vaccine for Monkeypox!

2. Dr. Suresh Chelliah and colleagues also remind us, through two case reports, that Japanese Encephalitis is very much with us.

3. The second guest editorial comes from Dr. Chitra Ganesh and colleagues at Kauvery ECB, with mind-blowing images from Fetal Medicine-work being done in her department at Kauvery Bengaluru, now called fondly as Maa Kauvery!

4. Dr. Mohan Kumar, Orthopedic surgeon, also from Kauvery ECB, writes to us on CarpoMetacarpal Dislocation.

5. Kauvery Hosur publishes a brilliant case report, with vivid images, in honor of the World IVF Day

Dr. Birundha, takes us to the world of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) with her report on Heterotopic pregnancy.

6. KAUVERIAN presents the first ever publication from Physiotherapy, from Chennai. Hemakumar writes to us on his sterling service given to an 85 years young Doctor; she had sustained fractures of both the Femur and the Humerus.

7. The first ever deeply personal report to be published on the KAUVERIAN comes from a young nurse at Trichy; Kalaivani writes on ‘My Father’s Heart Block’, treated at the Heart City.

8. At last, the EPS page, our IPL, is launched! Dr. Deep Chandh Raja and Dr. VijaySekar are the opening batsmen for KHR Services, the Kauvery Heart Rhythm Center of Excellence. Dr. Deep walks us through interesting ECGs and Dr. Vijay takes us on a video passage through exciting EP procedures.

9. Dr. Vasanthi Vidyasagaran never spares us from learning through challenges. This time she takes us through Nasal intubation Post Pharyngoplasty – Oral First for Nasal Intubation, followed by Neck Trauma – Intubation via an existing wound.

10. Dr. CSK Reddy allows us to wade through Clinical Trials, Preventive Health Care, Humor in Medicine, Euthanasia and Retirement.

11. I pummel you with 25 summaries in Journal Scan, from the 250 I read. I recommend (25). Suzanne O’Sullivan. Navigating recovery: the healing power of patients’ narratives. Lancet 2022;400(10347):P154-155.

12. From Recommended Readings, I suggest (5). Life and Death Decisions: What Keeps Oncologists Up at Night.

We have a surprise publication coming up on Aug 15, on Independence Day, a feat hitherto not attempted by any hospital anywhere in the world! A Kauvery record, which shall remain unbroken for long!

Do read, and write for the KAUVERIAN.

Best regards