Editor’s message – Dr Venkita S Suresh

Group Medical Director, Kauvery Hospitals, India

Email: gmd@kauveryhealthcare.com


The KAUVERIAN has resolved to beat the deadline with every issue.

The link to Vol 1, Issue 3, shall be with you on or before the 28th of February.

We are delighted to feature three new authors.

Dr. Vinoth brings to you a deeply moving report from Trichy, on a 5-year-old child with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Kauvery Hospitals is committed to offering our patient population a dynamic haemo-oncology service which shall strive to achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

Dr. Kiran Petkar brings to you a case series, depicting dexterous work done at Electronic City, Bengaluru, on upper-limb reimplantations at different anatomical levels.

We are proudest of the third author. Dr. Stephy, final year resident, General Medicine, has now created history by publishing in a Kauvery journal the summary of her thesis, done under the watchful eye of Dr. Dominic Rodriguez, a study on some risk factors for vascular – arterial and venous – thrombosis which are unique to Indian patients.

Three of our authors return this time Dr Vijay Shekar, Dr.Pushkala and our young and prolific poet laureate, Kaanthal Manikandan.

A patient’s story would be posted as often as possible, just to remind ourselves that there is only one reason why we are all in this profession to serve patients and their families in distress.

I shall look forward to your feedback and contributions.