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Dr Bhuvaneswari leads this issue and makes Multiple Sclerosis come real in our minds “Its clinical sequelae are ‘disseminated in space’, affecting different anatomical sites, and ‘disseminated in time’, appearing episodically over time”

Dr. Vasanthi Vidyasagaran takes a line from a memorable poem by Thomas Gray, A flower born to blush unseen, to give us a haunting story of a mother who lost her child and had the courage to launch “Family Support’ so that such tragedy would not strike another mother.

Dr Manoj writes a special guest editorial, in honour of a remarkable case report by Dr. Deep Chand on the EPS page: “VT storm post-STEMI”

Three interesting case reports follow in quick succession- from Dr. Kiran Petkar, Dr. Kathiazhagan Stalin and Dr. Vigneshwar Prashanth Umapathy

Suryaprabha shines twice. She reviews the free online courses offered by ICMR-NPTEL and also begins her series on Monoclonal Antibodies which are changing the therapeutics of cancer and inflammatory diseases

Dr. Chockalingam honours the KAUVRIAN greatly, by accepting our request to Write the Talk; he gives us the highlights of the talk he delivered on Total knee replacements, at Salem.

Dr. Subbaiah also honours us by accepting our request to comment on a press release on “If we can procure and maintain a supply of stem cells, BMT costs are likely to drop”

Dhasa continues his series on medical statistics with “Probability Distribution of Bernoulli Trials”.

The Journal Scan and Recommended reading draws your attention to the Recent Best Reads, international.

Balasubramaniam winds up the issue with his poem சமத்துவம்

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