Ultra-Short Case Report

Dr. K.S. Bharath,

Consultant, Interventional Radiology, Kauvery Hospital, Electronic City Bangalore

Correspondence: +91 76195 90444

Dr. K.S. Bharath

It was an elderly male with chronic liver disease and hepatic encephalopathy refractory to the medical line of management. He had a large splenorenal shunt found on CT. A large volume of portal blood entering the systemic circulation was the reason for the encephalopathy. Endovascular management for closing the shunt was planned.

A transvenous approach was used via femoral vein entry. After initial negotiation with wires and catheters, the delivery sheath was placed within the shunt. A 20 mm size, type II amplatz vascular plug was deployed into the splenorenal shunt to seal it off.

An immediate venogram in the left renal vein showed an absence from the shunt.

The encephalopathy improved drastically. Some left retroperitoneal bleeds occurred which were managed conservatively