MICS CABG with LIMA and Left Radial artery, harvested by Endoscopic technique: An ultrashort report

Dr. Rajesh, Dr. Chiran Babu

Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Kauvery Hospitals, Electronic City Bengaluru and Hosur, India

The patient was a 53-years-aged gentleman who had presented with unstable angina for the first time.

No known risk factors


Fig. 1. ECG

ECG: Poor progression of R wave on precordial leads

Echo: Good left ventricular function, EF 55.60 %

CAG: Critical double vessel disease

Advise: CABG.

As expected, when the unexpected happens, patients go around seeking. We offered MICS CABG.

We used epidural analgesia for post op pain control.

We also used a cell saver and avoided blood transfusion.

He was discharged on the fourth day.


Fig 1- MICS surgical scar.


Fig. 2. Left Radial Artery , endoscopically harvested site