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Group Medical Director, Kauvery Hospitals, India

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Dear readers of the Kauverian,

dr venkita suresh

The 15th March issue of the KAUVERIAN is a very exciting one for us in production.

For one very important reason.

It brings the best out of our authors!

The clarion call begins with “Voices from the field”. The valiant nurses of Kauvery Tennur, Trichy – Lucy Grace, Arputhamary, Leema Rosy, Kalaiarasi, Anandhi, Emalda, and Sheela, led by NS. Mahalakshmi, write on their trials, tribulations, and triumph with COVID, over two vicious waves.

The thoughtful guest editorial for Myeloma Month comes from our tireless Haemo-Oncologist, Dr. Subbaiah, Trichy.

Also, from Trichy, comes the perfect example of a case report, a valuable lesson taught by a male patient that he is not immune to SLE, a diagnosis invariably made only in women. This comes from our redoubtable physicians, Drs. Dominic and Subbaiah, who have mentored Stephy George, the first author.

From Chennai, writes our gifted artist, talented cardiologist, and consummate speaker Dr. Sundar Chidambaram about how he waved a magic spell over three patients of

“Out of hospital cardiac arrest” and brought them back to life!

Also, from Chennai, and at last, we have Dr. Vijayalakshmi who makes us raise our eyebrows at the diagnostic image she has posted, where you have a surprise creeping across the eyebrows of her patient.

There is a quiet revolution in clinical research going on at the Heart City, Trichy!

Dr. Aravindakumar and Dr. Annup Balan publish the second protocol of an EMR based study going on at Heart City, on CAD in the Young.

The first, the Heart City Heart Failure Registry, was published earlier in the KAUVERIAN.

Hold your breath, protocols of more prospective studies at the Heart City are on the pipeline, to be published in the KAUVERIAN.

Another surprise from Heart City, Dr. Md Ghouse Khan, ER Chief at Heart City, makes his maiden appearance as an author in the Kauverian with Giant T Inversion in Complete Heart Block.

Our stalwart teachers have outdone themselves again. Dr. Vasanthi Vidyasagaran presents absolutely stunning vignettes from her illustrious and adventurous career in Anesthesiology and Prof. CSK. Reddy deftly guides us over medicolegal minefields.

My two very valuable colleagues in clinical research write very helpful articles, Dasaratharaman on Probability in Medical Statistics, and Suryaprabha reviews the latest arrows, ready to be rained against SARS CoV2, should there be a fourth assault by the stealth virus.

“Recommended Reading” this month shall be mind-boggling, and shall tempt you to seek a tantalizing glimpse into some of the best writing in international medicine.

In Journal Scan, I recommend you read Richards T. The gift of death. BMJ 2022;376:o393. Doctors feel defeated by death. To quote Benjamin Franklin, only two things are certain in life, death and taxes

If dwelling on death depresses you, I suggest you recover with Singh H. Five strategies for clinicians to advance diagnostic excellence. BMJ 2022;376:e068044.

The train that is the March 15 issue next heads for the Break Heart pass, its final stop on this issue.

A lovely granddaughter, Dr. Hitha Kashi, touches your heart with her heart-felt thanks to the Heart Surgeons of Kauvery, Bengaluru who gave her back her beloved grandmother with heart as good as gold, after her aortic valve replacement.

Wanna feel good about being an angel in Health care?

Write for the KAUVERIAN, with your wings fluttering and heart singing, about the good work that you do in Kauvery Hospitals

Best Regards