The Power of Purple

I stood in front of the mirror staring at my reflection, with that purple mark on my face.

“But how…?” I asked myself. ” There are only two elements you can master, blue:water, red:fire; what even is purple!?”

My introspection got interrupted by my mom’s “Shannon! What mark did you get?” she yelled from downstairs. I quickly covered my mark, drew a red one and went downstairs to see the look of relief on my parents faces. “Oh, thank God you got red!” said my dad. I gave them a smile and went off to school, stuffing a piece of bread into my mouth and popping a question to my mind “How will I master fire with purple?”

In the school

My entire day was so confusing… I could not pay attention to anything.

As I was thinking I bumped into my friend Bella ” Woah…what’s up with you today?” she asked. “Bella, you would not believe this, but I got purple…!” Bella looked at me with face that’s like: WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!?!? ” But how do you have a red mark on your face now?”

“Make-up silly, but THAT’S NOT THE POINT; I have purple as an element?” Bella laughed at me as I gave her a death- glare. “Bella, this is serious.” I got interrupted by Jasmine the bully…”Jasmine, No!” I said as she pulled my hair while I tried to defend myself by putting my arms in front of my face. I heard everyone gasp as I slowly opened my eyes, not moving my arm. I could see a purple light like a portal in front of me. Is it…my power…?

A discovery

I slowly put my arms back down and threw in a pencil before someone might go in even as I was throwing the pencil… IT JUST BURNED! As I was trying to process what was happening the portal disappeared into thin air. Mrs. Grapes came towards me, grabbed my hand and said “Shannon, you are” and then I woke up. Now it was Alyssa who was giving me the death- glare…and the bell rang, so I gotta go now. Anyways all this happen only in your dreams, so bye!

– Stuti Vijayakumar