Volume 1 : Issue 2

Editor's Message - Dr Venkita S Suresh

The Kauverian hopes to reach you every fortnight.

The articles come in a new font and format, designed by Dr. Prabhaharan, our technical editor, I hope you would find them attractive.

We lead the issue with two case reports, from Drs. Bhuvaneswari and Pushkala. Case reports will never lose their charm. They briefly and briskly convey a clinical encounter and spark a lesson that emits light for a while. Case series can carry that torch forward. We welcome both case reports and case series. So write away!

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The Editorial Board

Presenting the team that brings you interesting case reports and stories from the world of Kauvery Hospital.

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Rare and complex type of MS, tumefactive multiple sclerosis

~ Dr Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran, Dr Gayathri Ramkumar

We present a patient with tumefactive multiple sclerosis (TMS) with a typical relapsing and remitting course initially but later exhibited secondary progression.

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Decoding a difficult fever

~ Dr Pushkala Mittur Sundararajan

A 13-year-old previously healthy adolescent presented with a prolonged high grade fever, lethargy, pharyngotonsillitis and hepatosplenomegaly. Investigations done were inconclusive. His presentation mimicked a bacterial infection. However, his illness persisted and worsened despite appropriate antibiotic therapy. Finally, a serological test was done which was strongly positive for EBV infection. The antibiotics were stopped and he recovered with symptomatic management without any complications.

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Excitement of setting up the first tumor board

~ Dr M Banupriya

The excitement of setting up the first tumor board – multidisciplinary team meeting in oncology at Kauvery hospitals.

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'Image Challenge - Diagnostic Imaging

~ Dr A Nagarajan

A 65-years-old gentleman presented with complaints of loss of consciousness and vomiting for the past two days. He was diagnosed to have systemic hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and chronic renal failure on hemodialysis. Non-contrast computed tomography of the brain was done.

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Patient's Voice - A bolt from the blue

What felt like a muscle pull, but wasn't so simple!

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The unique mind - An anthology of poems

Yet another tear drop cruised down her dimple-less cheek. Her face was too numb for her to feel. The wet glistening tear offering all the comfort it could

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Volume 1 : Issue 1

Kauverian : The Electronic Medical Journal of Kauvery Hospitals

Editorial Message from Dr. Manivannan, Founder and Managing Director of Kauvery Hospitals; and Dr. Venkita Suresh, Group Medical Director of Kauvery Hospitals and Editor-in-Chief of Kauverian Medical Journal

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Vascular COVID Diaries

- Dr Arunagiri Viruthagiri, Dr Nedunchezhian Manjini

A collection of the most critical COVID-related vascular complications.

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Autoimmune Encephalitis: A success story

- Dr Akila Narasimhan, Dr PV Nimisha, Dr Suresh Chelliah, Dr Duraisamy Senguttuvan, Dr Sivagurunathan Panchanathan, Dr Bichalu Mythili

Autoimmune encephalitis is being increasingly and frequently diagnosed in children with acute and sub-acute encephalopathy because of advances in imaging and molecular diagnostic tests.

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Intracoronary Imaging: A case study

- Dr S. Aravinda Kumar, Dr P. Vijay Shekar, Dr Suraj Narasimhan

Intracoronary imaging modalities (IVUS and OCT) are being increasingly used to aid and attain optimal results during percutaneous interventions/angioplasties. We report three cases where intracoronary imaging was used in preprocedural lesion assessment and aided in optimization of angioplasty results.

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A patient's voice

What goes on in a patient's mind, as written by one of our patients

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'Cure' by Kaanthal Manikandan

A warrior sent by the true ruler
To quieten the battle cries of the self-proclaimed ones
Taking control and taking lives

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Seizure in a new born

- Dr Suresh Chelliah, Dr Senthilkumar Kalyanasundaran, Dr Abinaya Sethupathy, Dr Meganathan Pachamuthu

A 17-days-old growing preterm, admitted for feed assessment following parental concern about nasal regurgitation of feeds, developed recurrent seizures requiring multiple anti-epileptic drugs. After the common causes were ruled out, exome sequencing was done. 22q11 deletion conclusive of DiGeorge syndrome was diagnosed.

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SLGT 2 inhibitors in Kidney Disease

- Dr R. Balasubramaniyam, Dr Balaji Kirushnan

It is interesting to note that SGLT2 inhibitors beyond diabetic control has emerged as the major treatment with cardio vascular and renal benefits. Every trial has proven their role in reducing their superiority over placebo in reducing the morbidity and mortality associated with cardio vascular and renal diseases.

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